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Room Escapers Boston offers challenging, interactive escape rooms and immersive theater experiences at two downtown Boston locations: in the Old Corner Bookstore and in the Blackstone District in the Cornerstone building.  Our performances are top rated by escape game enthusiasts and novices alike! Large and immersive show designs, in-character performers, unique puzzles and audience interactions, and exciting story lines make for one of kind experiences. Our spacious lobby is great for company or group team building, events and parties.  From helping a tour guide on a daring shipwreck scavenge of the historic sunken pirate ship the Whydah, helping a lead FBI agent crack the case on organized crime in the early 90’s in Boston, to exploring a long forgotten Apothecary that was operational in the Old Corner Bookstore in the early 1700s, our show themes are based on real events and happenings in Boston’s rich history. Room Escapers is a locally owned Boston based company – both locations are conveniently located on the Freedom Trail.

Our Venues located in downtown Boston are breaking the mold on what you think an escape room is. Large and immersive show designs, unique puzzles and audience interactions, in-character actors, and exciting story lines make for one of a kind experiences!

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Room Escapers Boston is currently taking reservations for our shows Organized Chaos and Panacea at our location in the historic Old Corner Bookstore in Boston proper and for The Lost Ship at our original location in the Cornerstone Building near the North End! These locations are only about a 10 minute walk from each other along the Freedom Trail if you are planning a multi-game trip! Feel free to call/text 857-400-9144, or e-mail with any questions and for last minute reservations!

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Escape Room Shows

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos

It is the early 90’s in Boston and Organized Crime is running rampant. You have been brought in on behalf of the FBI to search a known front of a notorious gang for any evidence to link them to several heinous crimes. Luckily, we have a worker on the inside who worked as a maintenance man and left a bread crumb trail of subtle clues to lead us to all the hidden pieces of evidence. You’ll have to work quickly! They have plenty of power in this city and their lawyer is already trying to shut our operation down. Good luck, detective. This is our take on an escape room whodunnit that has been designed to keep even large groups and advanced players engaged with a wide variety of puzzles! Your host is performing as the lead FBI agent on the case. We allow up to 10 for this game, but recommend around 6-8. All shows are private by default. Book Here!


Panacea Coming Soon

A seemingly elegant exploration through a colonial era apothecary holds the fate of the world. An old-world plague has been released from the melting permafrost infecting most of humanity, including yourself. Our last hope is an Alchemist’s cure-all of old known as the Panacea. It is believed that creating this legendary cure was achieved by a famed 18th century alchemist here in Boston. However, the creator protected the Panacea as it can be used for great evil. You must first master the 7 Principles of Alchemy in order to prove that you are in it for the right reasons. Only then you will be able to obtain the Panacea and save humanity. Your host will be there to help as the Museum’s Curator. Good luck, apprentice. We allow up to 8 participants for this game, and recommend around 4-6. All shows are private by default.Book Here!

The Lost Ship

The Pirate's Booty II: The Lost Ship

The Lost Ship is a sequel to our original game, The Pirate’s Booty, that transports you to Cape Cod Treasure Hunter’s temporary excavation hut on an island. The shipwrecked Whydah is resting right outside our door, and we need your help to find the Captain’s lost treasure chest on the pirate shipwreck! With a brand new set and puzzle design, it’s time to come back and finish what you started when you found the treasure map! Your are brought on to help the tour guide find Captain Black Sam Bellamy’s lost treasure chest! Located in our original location (112 Blackstone St) that is over 1000 Sq Ft, this adventure takes you through multiple exciting spaces with a wide variety of puzzling! We allow up to 10 participants for this game, and recommend around 4-8. All shows are private by default.Book here for an experience you won’t soon forget!


Streaming Coming Soon

What began as a relaxing evening on the couch streaming your favorite show took a turn for the worse; you had fallen asleep and woke up to found yourself trapped inside of Streaming Land! Who knows what challenges you’ll find within these servers! One thing is for certain: you’ll need to find your way back to reality before you are cancelled and forever stuck in Streaming Land. Good luck, couch potato.

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