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Here at Room Escapers Boston maintaining a clean and safe escape room environment for customers and employees has always been on the forefront of our minds. Our resets between groups have always included a strict cleaning checklist for sanitizing the rooms, common areas and the restrooms. That being said, in light of COVID-19, we have enhanced our efforts to make sure our customers and employees are safe in the following ways:


-We will be using a variety of disinfectants recommended by the CDC and other similar agencies

-We have further developed our cleaning protocols to make sure we take every prop and surface into consideration

-Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout both locations

-Our employees have separate hand washing sinks outside of the restrooms at both locations

-State and local guidelines in regards to masks other PPE will be strictly followed. We can provide disposable masks if you forget your mask. You will be turned away and issued a full refund if you are not willing to comply


-All of our games are private by default, so it will only be you and your group in the game space. There is no minimum required for the private room and you will NEVER be grouped with strangers

-Our 112 Blackstone St location only hosts one game, so you are the only group on site throughout your entire experience

-We have reduced capacity for some games


-The industry average between game start times is 1.5 hours but we run our games in 2 hour increments to make sure there is enough time for our staff to clean and sanitize the rooms (and to give you a couple extra minutes to solve the puzzles if needed!)

-Our game start times have been staggered in an effort to keep your group as the only one in our lobby at our 3 School St location. Please note this isn’t a perfect science as a team could finish early or come early, however our large lobby has plenty of space to adhere to social distancing protocols if two groups are in the lobby at once


-Our check-in process for games is completely contactless

-We are utilizing QR code technology for an alternative to on-site payments so no credit card has to be swiped, inserted or tapped. Please note this is a special offer by PayPal and the PayPal App is required.

-Waivers can be filled out at home ahead of time or we have QR codes on site you can scan with your smart phone to take you to the waiver. Please note we also offer sanitized tablets as an option if needed


-Certain elements of our games have changed to create a overall safer and more touchless environment

-Game flow, props and entire experiences have been changed to eliminate touch points and allow for easier cleaning

-Immersive costumes have been eliminated


-Implemented a flexible reschedule policy that allows you to reschedule due to sickness

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