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Organized Chaos

It is the early 90’s in Boston and Organized Crime is running rampant. You have been brought in on behalf of the FBI to search a known front of a notorious gang for any evidence to link them to several heinous crimes. Luckily, we have a worker on the inside who worked as a maintenance man and left a bread crumb trail of subtle clues to lead us to all the hidden pieces of evidence. You’ll have to work quickly! They have plenty of power in this city and their lawyer is already trying to shut our operation down. Good luck, detective. This is our take on an escape room whodunnit that has been designed to keep even large groups and advanced players engaged with a wide variety of puzzles! Your host is performing as the lead FBI agent on the case. This is our most difficult adventure and due to the sheer amount of content is optimally designed for larger groups of 4-5+ participants. We allow up to 12 for this adventure. All of our Boston based escape rooms are private by default. Book Here!

Escape room games located in downtown Boston.

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