Team Building

If you don’t see a time listed on our Book Now page, feel free to use the form below to request an additional time slot to be added! You can also send an e-mail to, or call 857-400-9144! Scroll down further to read why our escape rooms in Boston are the perfect team building event!

Room Escapers in downtown Boston is the perfect place for a team to work together to achieve a single goal:


Communication is the key to finding solutions to the puzzles in the room, and the challenging experience will help build rapport among team members. Room Escapers is an exciting, immersive experience requiring a variety of skills and a solid team effort to successfully complete the game. Our escape room promotes teamwork, leadership, outside-of-the-box thinking, problem solving and fun.

Our corporate clients have used our Boston escape room facility for more than just team building – they have found it useful for:

  • Conducting interviews and finding candidates. Better than sitting in a conference room asking interview questions, our room escape lets you observe how potential candidates act under pressure, work with others and demonstrate leadership and critical reasoning skills.
  • Leadership evaluation. We have observed over and over how natural leaders guide teams in a cooperative fashion towards a solution, while other leaders stymie creativity and ideas. Looking to promote a team member? Our escape game provides a different dimension on leadership skills demonstrated and how they impact team success.
  • Team Cooperation. Our escape room is great for teams experiencing conflict or other difficulties as the participants must put their differences aside and work together to escape. Troubled teams who barely talk to each other in the waiting room come out smiling and giving each other high-5’s after they escape.

So leave the ‘bored room’ behind for an hour for an escape the room adventure – your employees will have so much fun they won’t notice they are learning problem-solving techniques and communication skills!

What makes our escape room game an awesome team building activity?

The power of play.

It isn’t just about having fun – play can increase production, creativity, flexibility in opinions, team cohesion and motivation. Our room escape game encourages participants to use not only left brain thinking, but also the right – imagination, creativity and intuition (often underutilized in the workplace). Watching staff members interact through play provides the opportunity to evaluate team dynamics and how the team communicates, makes decisions and adapts to change. Sharing of information and responsibilities is encouraged, and promotes team bonding that increases team morale. This also gives team members the opportunity to build trust and to see each other in a different light. This awareness can help improve the effectiveness of the team. To complete the objectives, coworkers are competing against the clock, not against each other.

We are proud to have hosted teams from hundreds of companies and organizations in the Boston area. Even more important to us are the companies that have liked our venue so much they have established a corporate account with us to easily and frequently bring new teams into play. We will work with you to create a custom annual discount package with volume discounts.

We would love to work with you to develop an event with Room Escapers. We are happy to open outside of regular business hours to host your private event  – for more information contact us at or 857-400-9144.